Melican Partners

Industry: Accounting & Financial

Services Provided: Digital Strategy, Website Development, Content Marketing, SEO & Google Campaigns

Melican Partners, a well-respected accounting firm, faced challenges in gaining substantial online traction. Despite its strong reputation, it struggled with low organic traffic and an outdated digital strategy and website. They turned to Search Digital to revamp their online presence and develop a strategy to increase organic traffic and drive more qualified leads.

Campaign Highlights

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Engaged Sessions

Increase in engaged organic users, demonstrating the effectiveness of our optimisation and content strategies.

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Google Ad Conversion Rate

Retained a 6.69% conversion rate through a targeted Google Ads campaign.

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Organic Users

The number of organic users over a 3-month period rose by 72.3%; sessions increased by 55.05%.



  • Increase organic search traffic to the website.
  • Target specific keywords related to accounting and its specialties in the wider Greensborough Local Area.
  • Enhance online visibility for the services offered by Emerge Wellness.


Increased Organic Search Traffic: The SEO campaign effectively targeted key terms related to accounting and financial planning. In comparing the organic traffic from the most recent three months (March 19 – June 19, 2024) to the previous three months (December 17, 2023 – March 18, 2024), Melican Partners saw a substantial increase in their organic metrics. The number of users rose by 72.3%, sessions increased by 55.05%, and engaged sessions grew by 56.88%. This significant improvement underscores the effectiveness of our SEO and content strategies in driving organic growth.

Monthly Growth in Organic Users:

  • June 2023: 58 organic users
  • July 2023: 246 organic users
  • August 2023: 179 organic users
  • September 2023: 123 organic users
  • October 2023: 145 organic users
  • November 2023: 96 organic users
  • December 2023: 100 organic users
  • January 2024: 106 organic users
  • February 2024: 91 organic users
  • March 2024: 131 organic users
  • April 2024: 214 organic users
  • May 2024: 133 organic users



  • Launch targeted ads to drive traffic to the website.
  • Optimise ad spending to achieve a high conversion rate at a reasonable cost.
  • Increase overall conversions and client enquiries through paid search.


  • Clicks: 1640 clicks, indicating high engagement with the ads.
  • Cost/Conversion: $60.55, demonstrating efficient use of the ad budget.
  • Conversion Rate: 6.69% conversion rate, reflecting successful client engagement and bookings.
  • Total Cost: $6.66K, managed effectively to achieve optimal results.

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