Emerge Wellness

Industry: Health and Wellness

Services Provided: Digital Strategy, Website Development, SEO & Google Campaigns

Emerge Wellness, led by Amber, is a Melbourne-based Kinesiologist specialising in various health ailments such as anxiety, depression, gut health, chronic pain, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, and kinesiology for kids. Emerge Wellness was starting as a new business and needed a comprehensive digital strategy that included an entire website and a digital marketing plan to establish its online presence and attract potential clients. Amber approached Search Digital to create a calm, user-friendly website that would resonate with her clients and improve her online visibility to attract more potential clients.


The combined efforts of a well-designed website, a focused SEO campaign, and a strategic Google Ads campaign led to significant improvements in online engagement and conversions for Emerge Wellness.

Campaign Highlights

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Organic User Growth

Organic Traffic Surge: Achieved a growth from 50 to 300 organic users per month within a year.

Google Ad Conversions

High Conversion Rate: Generated 302.85 conversions through an effective Google Ads campaign.

Average Cost per Conversion

Significant ROI: Managed a Google Ads budget of $14.3K with a cost per conversion of $47.28, demonstrating efficient spending and high engagement.



  • Target specific keywords related to kinesiology and its specialties in Melbourne.
  • Increase organic search traffic to the website.
  • Enhance online visibility for the services offered by Emerge Wellness.


Increased Organic Search Traffic: The SEO campaign effectively targeted key terms related to kinesiology and its specialties. The uploaded graph shows a substantial increase in users from organic search, peaking at over 300 users in a single month.

Monthly Growth in Organic Users:

  • August 2023: 50 organic users
  • September 2023: 72 organic users
  • October 2023: 103 organic users
  • November 2023: 67 organic users
  • December 2023: 90 organic users
  • January 2024: 110 organic users
  • February 2024: 120 organic users
  • March 2024: 146 organic users
  • April 2024: 231 organic users
  • May 2024: 300 organic users



  • Launch targeted ads to drive traffic to the website.
  • Optimise ad spending to achieve a high conversion rate at a reasonable cost.
  • Increase overall conversions and client bookings through paid search.


  • Clicks: 7,030 clicks, indicating high engagement with the ads.
  • Cost/Conversion: $47.28, demonstrating efficient use of the ad budget.
  • Conversions: 302.85 conversions, reflecting successful client engagement and bookings.
  • Total Cost: $14.3K, managed effectively to achieve optimal results.

Brittany has created two websites for my businesses, has done all of my marketing since their inception, and I could not be happier with the results. Brittany supported me through every step of the way from initially creating my website to SEO, marketing and Google ads making starting up my own business so so easy. As I work in natural health, I have referred so many other practitioners to Brittany in various stages of business growth, and they have all had enormous success with her services. I highly recommend Brittany as my results have been amazing, and I have also learnt so much about digital marketing in the process. Thanks Britt!

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